Mukashi Ogon

Okawa [1306005]

Mukashi Ogon
87 months
53 cm


The mukashi from Okawa, are actually bred at Matsue Koi Farm. They come from an original bloodline made at Matsue from Yamabuki Female 89cm 4sai x Chagoi Male

That set they used for 3 years, until last year when the breeding fail, the eggs didn't hatch. So they took one of their biggest Mukashi's Ogons...which won first prize in the All Japan Koi Show in 2013, and breed that with Yamabuki/Chagoi original Male. This made the tosai which you have. The female parent Mukashi for the koi which you have is +90cm at 5years old, and is now in the mudpond at Matsue still growing.

Why does Okawa have these koi? Well Matsue, Okawa and Nagoshi Koi Farm have for mnay years worked together, and only together to help each other increase the stock they have on offer to customers, as each farm is quite isolated, so they want a customer who comes to buy something at least, and not go home empty handed.


Nagoshi breeds Yamabuki and Asagi which are sent to Matsue and Okawa, (and sometimes he gives away some of his Sanke)
Okawa breeds Shiro Utsuri and Chagoi/Ochiba which they give/sell to Nagoshi and sometimes Matsue (but not very often)
Matsue breeders Mukashi Ogon/Yamabuki/Chagoi which they give/sell to Nagoshi and Okawa...

Interesting, right? More than that I do not know...but I think this is enough information for any hobbyist. Simply speaking, the Mukashi from Matsue/Okawa/Nagoshi are all Matsue any Mukashi from those farms will always grow like a monster, and will be very agressive feeders in nearly any water condition...