tussendoortjesJe moet er snel bij zijn, maar hier zijn al wat filmpjes ondertussen.

We Momotaro koi farm will have dealers auction on 19th of Nov 2014. The event for about 2000 pieces Tosai and also special event for auction 19 pieces super Tategoi for ourselves. We wanted to keep ourselves for future parent and koi show. Really these are our top Tategoi.

Because of it we made minimum selling price for each of the 19 pieces. So the auction price will start with the minimum price of each koi. The reason why do it because if we want to keep them, but also show to the people to share the dream!! From now we update the video of them. Those are just harvested from mudpond

Ik ben aanwezig op deze veiling

TM-Kohaku nr. 1

Red Tiger nr. 2

Manju nr. 3

TM kohaku nr. 4

TM kohaku nr. 5

Black Dragon nr. 6

Black Dragon nr. 7

Lion Queen nr. 8

Red Tiger nr. 9

Red Tiger nr. 10

Red Tiger nr. 11

Red Tiger nr. 12

TM Kohaku nr. 13

TM Kohaku nr. 14

TM Kohaku nr. 15

Red Tiger nr. 16

TM Kohaku nr. 17

Red Tiger nr. 18

Black Dragon nr. 19