Code SH-V14-413
Kweker Momotaro
Kwaliteit 4 / 5
Leeftijd 81 maanden
Lengte 60 cm
Geslacht Vrouwelijk
Interkoi Arendonk 4 / 5 785

Showa [SH-V14-413]

Hello Luc
This koi was from the 2014 April tosai auction koi #13 Lion Queen. Kentaro bought it, when his staff came to pick it up to take home, the staff thought the head was not straight, he called Kentaro, Kentaro and Daisuke agreed that Sakai could cancel this koi. Daisuke didn’t think the head was bent, so he kept it to sell again. So…that’s what koi it is. It looks a lot better in your video than it did this winter.


Zaterdag: Van 11.00 tot 16.00 uur
Zondag: 10.00 tot 12.00 uur

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: op afspraak.
GSM: +32 (0)478 36 74 74

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